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Free advice

The first step is giving free, professional, and complete evaluation of your dental status and proposing the best solution, depending on your needs and problems.

Specifying the treatment

After consultation, we will decide how long the treatment will last, as well as decide on the date and time of your visit to the dental centre, which will be adjusted to your personal schedule and activities. You will be given the best possible offer.

Return home with a smile

Return home healthier and happier with your new smile. Beside large savings in using our dental services, there are many reasons for visiting Belgrade. All tourist information about Belgrade can be on www.tob.rs. If you have any additional questions and concerns, we will be glad to help you.


The result of our success, which make us recognisable in Serbia and abroad, is a long-time quality work; from the highest quality materials in our treatments, our digital dental laboratory with the most advanced dental equipment, and certainly our professional and friendly staff.

dr sci. Dragan Stanimirović

Dr sci. Dragan Stanimirović was born in 1975. He gradueted from the University of Belgrade School of Dentistry in 2001 and has been employeed full time with the Periodontics and Oral Medicine Clinic.

He passed his speciality examination in periodontics and oral medicine in 2008. In 2009 he received his Master of Science title and he defended his doctoral dissertation in 2014.
He is a member of the Serbian Medical Association, BaSS, EAOM.

He is engaged in implantology and is one of the clinical instructiors of the BioHorizons implant system. (Implant System Nobel Replace Tapereol Growy, The Essentials of Dental Implant Succes: from Function to Aesthetics The Surgical Aspect of Implant Dentistry. Training course for Teosyal Range, Dermol fillers, Biorevitalisation - Mesoliff).

He has co-written two internation textbooks. He is also a visitng lecturer and has written 7 studies in CC(M21).

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Our clinic preforms root canal treatment and other procedures...


Our dentists take gum disease very seriously and the team will...

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Common oral surgeries include extractions, the placement of...


Dental implants are the closest possible alternative to actual tooth

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If the reason You are unhappy with Your smile is mainly cosmetic, our clinic

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Treatment correctly align teeth to provide ideal jaw function and a great smile

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We preform all dental and orthodontic services presented on our web sites with the most
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